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In this issue, Autism Digest focuses on the participants with special needs who spent eight weeks to learn West African rhythms on different instruments, focused primarily on drums —ranging in age from 14 to 28—who participated in a program titled Drumming 4 Every1 in which they learned to play West African rhythms on drums and different instruments over eight weeks. As a result of that success, they were asked to participate with their drums in the Disney program and other programs upcoming.


In this issue, autistic writer Ido Kedar shares fascinating insights into the experience of being non-verbal in a verbal world and promotes the hiring of skilled communication instructors in schools.


World-renowned livestock specialist and autistic advocate Temple Grandin sheds light on issues of identity, Applied Behavior Analysis, and the notion of curing autism.


Writer, lecturer, and advocate Thomas A. McKean writes a passionate open letter to autism parents, sharing tips to guide them through “one of the most difficult (and most rewarding) journeys a parent could have.”


Occupational therapist Paula L. Simpson explains the many benefits of using music with children, and shares simple tips and tools you can use, while Parent Representative on the STEPVA Board of Directors Brigid O’Leary explores the value of drum circles for social communication.


Finally, Liz Irish, a health sciences librarian, discusses the lightning fast passage of time as she reflects on her family’s journey through high school graduation.

Autism Digest May 2022-July 2022

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