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Welcome to the February 2024 Issue of Autism Digest. Our cover story, "Going for that Gleam in the Eye: Humor, Play, and Autism" by Shoshana Levin Fox, EdD, emphasizes the importance of humor and play in building connections with children diagnosed with autism. Dr. Fox's insights into the transformative power of shared laughter and playful interactions are a heartwarming reminder of the joy in everyday moments.

Carol Stock Kranowitz's piece, "The Out-of-Sync Child," offers a personal and insightful look into Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Through her narrative and the story of her family, Carol provides an empathetic understanding of the challenges and strategies for living with SPD.

In "Embracing Emotional Regulation: A Bottom-Up Approach to Social-Emotional Learning," Elizabeth Sautter, MA, CCC, explores the crucial aspects of emotional regulation and how they can be supported and developed in individuals with autism.

Dr. Will Barron's "Whole Foods for a Brighter Future" stresses the significant impact

of nutrition on the well-being of individuals on the autism spectrum, highlighting the benefits of whole foods over processed ones.

Miriam Edelman, in "Revise the DSM for Autism," advocates for a more inclusive approach to autism diagnosis, calling for recognition of the diversity within the spectrum.

Otto Lana's "You Have One Life to Live" provides a valuable guide to navigating California's new law, offering insights for making informed decisions.

Brenda Smith Myles, Ph.D., discusses the role of "Priming" in reducing stress and anxiety in educational settings for autistic individuals, highlighting the importance of this strategy in enhancing learning experiences.

The article on former NFL running back George D. Jones brings to light his journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a nurturing father of three, including a son with autism and Down syndrome. Jones shares his experiences and insights as a hands-on dad and founder of The Present Dad Foundation, emphasizing the importance of positive paternal role models and offering encouragement to parents and caregivers of children with special needs.

Finally, we explore how technology can support priming strategies for autistic individuals, showcasing the role of digital tools in fostering independence and confidence in managing daily life.

Each article in this issue adds to our collective understanding of autism, offering empathy and practical solutions. At Autism Digest, we aim to provide supportive, understandable, and friendly guidance to our readers.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, let's continue to learn, understand, and grow in our support of the autism community.

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