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Thank you for your interest in Autism Digest. We are eager to receive your submissions, whether they are articles, poems, short stories, photographs, interviews, or features. Autism Digest magazine is committed to providing insightful content that benefits individuals with autism.

The submission guide aims to make the content more dynamic and interactive, hopefully increasing reader engagement and providing additional value through varied content formats.

Our articles typically average 600 words, with a maximum limit of 1,200 words. Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word format. Photographs must be high resolution, at least 300 dpi.

 Interactive Features in Submissions: We encourage you to include interactive elements in your submissions:

  • QR Codes: Link to further resources or extended content.

  • Surveys: Engage our readers with topic-relevant questions to understand their views or experiences.

  • Infographics: Visual data that supports your content and enhances reader comprehension.

  • Video Links: Include links to supporting videos that can be embedded within the digital version of the magazine.

  • Quick Reads: Condense key points into a brief, easily digestible format for readers on the go.

  • Back page: The back page of each edition will be reserved to present a communication aid for non-speaking individuals. If you have an idea for the back page design, let us know.


Respectful and Relevant Content: We prefer articles written with respect and sensitivity towards the subject matter. We generally avoid promoting specific products. Ensure that your content is directly relevant to our readership before submission.


Submission Format: Please include the following information in the order listed below:

  • Subject Line: One page query for Autism Digest Magazine

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Contact Number

  • First Paragraph: A synopsis of your proposed content.

  • Second Paragraph: A short excerpt from your submission.

  • Short Bio: To preserve space we would like bios to be approx. 25 words


Submission Process: Please send your one-page query via email for review to: team@autismdigest.com

Autism Digest appreciates your interest and looks forward to your innovative submissions. If your query is considered, we will be in touch.

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