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This year, as Autism Digest commemorates its 25th anniversary, the publication is also celebrating Autism Acceptance Month by releasing its most significant issue to date.

This edition not only marks a milestone anniversary but also introduces innovative features, resources, and interactive content aimed at empowering and supporting the autism community. To honor both this momentous occasion and Autism Acceptance Day, Autism Digest is delighted to provide the current edition for free, accessible right here.

As we celebrate 25 years of groundbreaking publishing, we're excited to announce the continued involvement of esteemed contributors like Temple Grandin and Carol Kranowitz, whose insights and expertise have been invaluable to our readers. Their ongoing contributions underscore Autism Digest's commitment to delivering the highest quality content to our community.

This landmark edition introduces several new features:

  • The Autism Digest Book Club: An engaging platform featuring an autism-tailored interactive ChatGPT, facilitating discussions and providing web-sourced insights for families, professionals, and individuals seeking to understand and navigate autism (subscription to ChatGPT 4 required).

  • Communication Board: A novel tool on our magazine's back page, changing with each issue, aimed at fostering expression and communication for those with varied communication needs.

  • Interactive Surveys: A new way for readers to engage with timely topics, contributing to a collective understanding of the community's needs and interests.

  • Videos: An immersive dive into visual content, bringing stories, interviews, and research findings to life.

  • Breaking Research: Updates on the latest advancements in autism research, therapies, and interventions.

  • Unboxing: Discoveries of new products, technologies, and resources showcased through unboxing videos.

  • Controversy Corner: A dedicated section focusing on controversial topics to promote open dialogue and understanding within our community.

As we reflect on 25 years of service to the autism community, our commitment to providing valuable information, support, and resources has never been stronger.

We want to give you a free edition of Autism Digest.

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