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Just in time for Halloween and Fall Harvest

Don't throw those seeds away! Chef Tom demonstrates easy, delicious ways to use pumpkin seeds from your Halloween pumpkins to make delightful snacks.

Another C.L.A.S.S. is about to begin. Halloween is upon us and you're probably wondering after this holiday is over what are you going to do with all those pumpkin seeds. Well I have a few recipes for you. How about curry flavored pumpkin seeds. How about a pumpkin seed caramel sauce that is GFCF you can pour over your favorite dairy free casein free ice cream. If that sounds good to you, than this is the video for you. Grab your note pads, grab your kids, and get them into the kitchen because this could be your snack and dessert, tonight.

About Chef Tom

"If they can't learn the way that you teach, maybe you should teach the way that they learn."

"I want to change lives through food." Chef Jeff

Henderson in 1973 I was born on the Autism Spectrum. I have Autism, but it does not have me. I was told by experts that I would just be okay. That I would bag groceries for the rest of my life. Well I do have Autism, but I am also a professional chef, cookbook author, award winner, and as recent as 2017 I am the Executive Chef & Culinary Teacher for Fairfield High School and Fairfield Suisun Adult School. I am a firm believer that I will never know my place and I will never fall in line, because my place is outside the lines.

My style of cooking is basically running the gambit. I love Global Soul food and I love preparing intricate detailed cuisine, as well as simple proper cooking. My greatest joy is getting to share that with my one hundred and sixty high school students that I teach every day and my sixteen adult school students. I didn't let a disability keep me from my dream. Don't let it keep you from yours.

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