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We’re thrilled to have been one of 25 social enterprises, ventures and organizations who will work with @TheLEGO Foundation to support autistic children and those with ADHD. We all think and learn differently. The joy of play is that it’s as adaptable as children themselves.

Evidence shows that neurodivergent children benefit from the sheer variety of ways to learn that come from play. For any child who prefers learning through moving rather than sitting at a desk, play is the ideal way to get up, experiment and get to grips with the world. For any child who likes order and calm (in a world that for them is already noisy enough) play comes with rules, routines and reassuring systems that everyone can follow.

That’s the joy of play: it’s as different and adaptable as children themselves.

Innovation that includes everyone and lets neurodivergent children shine Design should keep neurodivergent children in mind from the start and invite all children to play together. The more inclusive the ideas, the better they are for all children. So far, we haven’t seen enough classroom innovation that’s designed first and foremost with neurodivergent children in mind. Or, frankly, enough support in general. Well, we think it’s time to change that.

Check out the Brick-by-Brick program in the May issue of Autism Digest --

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