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Stimming (or self-stimulatory behavior) is well known to many people on the autism spectrum, and parents of autistic kids. It can look like repetitive movements, like hand-flapping and rocking, or repeated phrases.

But why do people stim and how does it feel? The NeuroWonderful artist, writer, public speaker, and advocate Amythest Schaber lends her thoughts in this insightful episode of her YouTube series, "Ask an Autistic."

And for anyone trying to understand more about verbal stimming, check out Amythest's excellent follow-up video, "What is Vocal/Verbal Stimming?" Here Amythest urges people to refrain where possible from stopping autistic individuals vocally stimming, as it is a necessary means of self-expression and self-regulation.

Thanks to Amythest for sharing these insights! You can catch up with Amythest's videos about life as an autistic person via her YouTube channel.

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