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The bright-eyed, smiling, young man on our cover for this issue is Jackson St. Aubin. His mother Gina says this 14-year-old is full of light and laughter. He has overcome much in his life, including diagnoses for cerebral palsy, autism, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, and intractable epilepsy. His parents have been credited with the utilization of tips and tricks, research, consumption of various articles, work with specialists, consistent therapies, and working with his team to open doors and allow him

to grow.


Not only has Jackson come from being non-verbal to telling jokes, he has also overcome epilepsy by taking the chance on a full left hemispherectomy (a brain surgery that disconnects one half of the brain from the other), when he was just nine years of age. He has flourished since. He can now visit the dentist, have haircuts, and go swimming at summer camp.


Jackson enjoys playing unified sports such as baseball and soccer, loves video games, exploring the world with his iPad, and exploring nature by taking hikes and searching for spiders. Propelled with a full imagination, he looks at the world through eyes that see no boundaries. 

Autism Asperger's Digest May 2017-July 2017

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