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In this issue, Desiree Kameka writes about how your child/adult can learn to live independently – a goal practically every parent wants them to achieve, as one of parents’ biggest worry is what will happen to their child when they’re gone.


Both Ellen Notbohm and Lois Jean Brady write about communication, Ellen’s focus being on the lack of words or the use of a different form of communication than our personal chosen mode.


Carol Stock Kranowitz focuses on communication in a delightful way, which surely will brighten your day if not your understanding of how sensory “activities” and games can expand a child’s world.


Temple Grandin explains how creative activities, jobs, and resources are formative in expanding our children’s world beyond the home years later, pleading for parents to institute these programs and activities while they’re at home with their children in these times.


Keri Bowers shines her always creative light on the world: however, in this moving, beautiful column, she bares her “secrets” of her life, because she believes they, literally, can kill us, if not render us stagnant!


Elizabeth Irish is a librarian and, as such, she comes up with incredible thoughts for an article. In this issue, it’s about fact and fiction, because she believes you must have “the truth” regarding your or your child’s health and well-being.


Caroline Hatfield assisted her mother in re-writing her Mom's well-loved book Secrets of Self-Esteem with a 30-Day Program for Self-Esteem Development.

Autism Asperger's Sensory Digest November 2020-January 2021

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