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If you don’t see the joy on the child’s face on the front cover of this magazine or the others in the story about the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding, you must read Paula Simpson’s riveting analysis of the event. She clearly states that the gathering of parents, children, and therapists so
the children could ride, brush and feed the horses was surely “one of the most rewarding experiences throughout my career.” Given her career has been significant – because she’s not only runs a pediatric therapy clinic for children with special needs throughout Northern Indiana, she also
has created a nonprofit (My Kid Counts) that provides resources and training for families. She also is the author of a great book on Sensory Integration.


She cites a couple scientific impacts of the horseback riding programs for special needs children particularly, so every reader in each state might ferret out a similar program based on peace and calmness that riding these trained horses create.

Autism Digest -- November 2022

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