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As we turn the pages of another season, our latest issue offers a blend of indepth research, personal experiences, and hands-on strategies tailored for parents and professionals in the autism community.

At the forefront, we delve into the groundbreaking contributions of Sir Simon Baron-Cohen. His meticulous research continues to enlighten us about the nuanced and diverse world of the autism spectrum, offering a clearer understanding for families and practitioners alike.

The value of written communication is underscored through the collaborative insights
of Matthew Guggemos, Lois Brady, and Dr. Barry Prizant. Complementing this, Elizabeth
Bonker demonstrates how typing can be a powerful medium of expression for nonspeaking

Our environment plays a pivotal role in the sensory experiences of many autistic
individuals. David A. Bainbridge, inspired by his own journey with Sensory Processing
Disorder (SPD), showcases architectural designs centered around inclusivity and
sustainability. Carol Stock Kranowitz adds perspective, emphasizing how SPD has been
the driving force behind Bainbridge's innovations.


Autumn wouldn't be complete without Paula L. Simpson's engaging sensory activities.
From tactile experiences with leaves to tasting autumn's bounties, her guide is both
therapeutic and fun-filled. In the educational realm, Sara Featherstone illustrates the
transformative impact of text-only prompts, not just in classrooms but also at home.
The festive season approaches, and Krisshonda Odufuwa offers valuable insights on
celebrating the holidays, ensuring that autistic children not only participate but also thrive in
these joyous occasions.


Elizabeth Irish and Jan Star-Campito shed light on the essence of human connections,
while Brenda Smith-Myles introduces us to the innovative 'Power Card Strategy', promising to
be a valuable tool for many.


Together, these articles assemble a resource tailored to educate, advise, and assist. We trust
this issue offers meaningful perspectives and actionable tips for your journey forward. 

Autism Digest -- November 2023

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