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By Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin: Advocate, Innovator, and Autism Activist

Dr. Temple Grandin is a renowned advocate, innovator, and autism activist who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of autism and animal science. Diagnosed with autism herself, Dr. Grandin has transformed her personal experiences into a powerful force for change, revolutionizing our understanding and perception of autism.


Dr. Temple Grandin endorses the Autism  Digest 

"The Autism Digest was one of the first magazines to present lots of practical information that was useful for parents, teachers, educators, medical professionals, and autistic individuals.  It will continue to be a source of lots of great information."

— Temple Grandin

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Autistic Employees in the Workplace

Many people tell me that there is a lack of accommodations to help make autistic teenagers successful at work. When people discuss this issue, they often fail to discuss the specific accommodations that may be needed.

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How to Use 1950s Teaching...

W hen I was in elementary school during the 1950’s, all children were taught basic social skills the same way. When I visited a friend’s house, and I made a table manner’s mistake, I was corrected by my friend’s mother.

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 Questions About ABA

Some autistic advocates are against ABA, because they have had really traumatic experiences caused by sensory overload. Ariana Cernius, a
lawyer, wrote in Fortune Magazine that
advocates who are on the autism spectrum object to attempts to ‘normalize’ autistic children and extinguish their autistic traits, such as stimming.

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